Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Benefits of Cloud Storage in Everyday Life

Currently, the use of data storage in the cloud storage is becoming a major campaign of several technology companies. Microsoft SkyDrive, Google with Google Drive and Apple with iCloud and more. However, it seems many people do not use the cloud storage service. In fact, many of the benefits we can get from its use. Some of them are:
1) Collaboration
Collaborate is defined as working together in the office environment, cloud storage can be used as a forum for collaboration among fellow employees where interchangeable take advantage of cloud storage to exchange their thoughts and ideas. Thus, the work can be done more effectively and quickly done.
2) Back-up Important Data
We often store our important data in the PC, laptop, external hard drive, or other gadgets. But have you ever thought in your mind, what if the data is lost? Electronic device is susceptible to damage. Not to mention the threat of viruses that can damage or eliminate our data. By uploading our important data to cloud storage services, we do not have to worry about losing important data that we have. Very handy for the executive office, student (thesis missing ingredients are the most common case), as well as students who are in school.
3) Sharing Tools
Cloud storage services can be used to share files that we have to others. The function that we often encounter in the file-sharing services such as Mediafire and 4shared can also be found in cloud storage. Excess her again, cloud storage has the function of auto-synchronize that are not owned by a file-sharing service so we did not bother to upload files to be distributed.

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