Thursday, May 5, 2016

How does Cloud Storage Work - Online Storage Description and Technology

The more data we get, the more storage space we need. That is the issue of internet users, computers and tablets. Some people choose to save it to a CD or flash disk, partly to save the data using a large hard drives on his computer, some even choose to delete the old files before you can save the new file. But, along with the development of technology, many people turn to today's file storage, cloud storage What is Cloud Storage? Cloud Storage hear the word at first, you might think that the Cloud Storage directly related to the weather. But actually, Cloud Storage is a storage medium online, where you can store data on virtual servers available. With the Cloud Storage, you no longer need to store your data on a flash disk, hard drive, CD, or other hardware. You need to save your data on remote databases provided by third parties, in order to access it you just need an internet connection. Using Cloud Storage as the data storage medium will give you several advantages, including:

    You can access your data stored on the Cloud Storage from anywhere and anytime, as long as there internet connection.
    You do not need to bother with a lot of CDs or carry an external hard disk, because your data is stored on a virtual database.
    You can easily share your data stored on the Cloud Storage via online.

Some other advantages to using Cloud Storage is that we can utilize the available capacity of up to several gigabytes for free, but for a storage capacity greater, can normally be charged. In addition to use Cloud Storage is quite safe, as long as the password we do not fall into the hands of others who intend not good, there is a very small possibility that breaking into the system.

However, in addition to the advantages that can be obtained, Cloud Storage also has some drawbacks. The main weakness lies in terms of security. To store your data on the Cloud Storage is certainly you are required to create an account. Each account is protected by a password that can only be known by others if you are not careful, so most likely your account can be opened by someone else. Another drawback is a disorder that occurs when trying to access your data on the Cloud Storage, this can be caused by the problematic internet connection or server is down. The latter, to access your data on the Cloud Storage is required internet connection, so no internet connection you can not access your data. There are some providers that provide services cloud storage that may be familiar to your ears, but you do not realize that the service they give it a Cloud Storage service. Some of them are Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, RapidShare, Flickr and Picasa, 4Shared, Evernote and more.

Various vendors and web hosting Cloud servers also now many presents Cloud Storage with guaranteed quality. We only need to register to create an account on the site of the cloud storage service provider, afterwards we can directly upload the data to be stored. Pretty easy and straightforward instead. Good luck!

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